November 2018 Meeting

Our November meeting was held on Friday, November 30 at the Girl Scouts campus on Upas Street.

We had a lot of books and models for our annual auction. Thank you to everyone for donating and for bidding! The money raised will be used to fund our annual pizza party next month!

A few items of note:

  1. The meeting and annual pizza party next month will be held on December 14th, not the 21st as originally scheduled. We apologize for any confusion.
  2. A the November meeting, the club officers proposed two changes to the club constitution –
    1. That elected officers serve a term of two years instead of one year. The reason for this is to keep from having to change names on club accounts too often and to ensure more continuity. This would also align the club to IPMS Nationals rules. If this proposal is accepted the currently serving officers would serve for one additional year, thus completing two year terms.
    2. That a new elected club officer – Assistant Treasurer, would be created, to better ensure that the club has continuous access to its funds.
    3. Please keep the above proposals in mind and be prepared to vote on them at the December meeting. Please email Secretary Joel Hendricks, Vice-President Richard Abraham or President Bob Ekstrom with any specific questions about these proposals.

Pictures from the meeting are below.

October 2018 Meeting

Our October 2018 meeting took place on the 19th at the Girl Scouts of America San Diego campus. We held our bi-annual contest, with results noted in the gallery below.

Our next meeting will be on Friday, November 30. We will elect club officers for 2019. We will also host our annual auction – please bring a model kit to auction for the club. Our auction pays for our annual pizza party in December.

Meeting Photos

Contest Photos and Results

  • Military Vehicles –
    • 3rd place – M1 Abrams by Kenny Petsk
    • 2nd place – Hetzer by Gil Baron
    • 1st place – Type 73 truck by Ethan Idenmill
  • Aircraft –
    • 3rd place – Shinden by Aaron Abugaber
    • 2nd place – P-40C by Tim Shipley
    • 1st place – F-16 by Rich Durham
  • Sci-Fi –
    • 3rd place – Petite Guy by Chris Jonas
    • 2nd place – Black Panther by Ethan Idenmill
    • 1st place – Seaquest DSV by Mike Sedgewick
  • Ships
    • 1st place – Gotland by Mike Potter
  • Miscellaneous
    • 2nd place – Fw190 Egg Plane by Gil Baron
    • 1st place ’69 Nova SS by Dustin Ferris
  • Best of Show – F-16 by Rich Durham

September 2018 Meeting

Our September 2018 meeting was held on Friday, the 28th. We had no official show n’ tell, but two members brought models (as shown below in the pictures). A few items of note:

  1. OrangeCon 2018 will be held on Saturday, October 13 at Cal-State Fullerton – Pavilion at the University Conference Center, Cal State Fullerton University, 800 North State College Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92834. (State College & West Campus Dr.). Due to new requirements from the CSU system for outside vendors, it will use a token system, wherein attendees will trade dollars for tokens on a 1-to-1 basis, and may then use those tokens for purchases. Excess tokens may be turned back to cash at the end of the day. Credit-card purchases are still permitted.
  2. Top Gun II will begin filming soon and needs aircraft models for a bar scene. They will hang from the ceiling of the bar. Modelers who wish to build something for the movie should plan on finishing them by December and bringing them to the meeting that month. The models will not be returned to the modeler. Contact Bob Ekstrom at for details.
  3. The next group build will be of an M1 Abrams. Bring an M1 Abrams kit, any scale and manufacturer, to the October meeting if you would like to participate. Rich Durham will be leading the group build.

The main portion of the meeting was taken up by our mini-auction. The club received a donation of kits which were auctioned off. The proceeds will supplement the proceeds from our regular auction which is scheduled for our November meeting.

August 2018 Meeting

Our August meeting occurred on Friday the 31st at the GSA San Diego Campus. We had lots of great models brought in for show n’ tell, including six individual Nationals award winners and one collection which also won an award at IPMS Nationals in Phoenix. Additionally, Manny Gutsche gave us an overview of the “Best-Of”s and special award winners from Nationals.

Last item – please note that the October meeting has been moved up from October 26 to October 19. This has been updated in the calendar and on Facebook. Our newsletter will also reflect that change.

Photographs courtesy of Ethan Idenmill

2018 IPMS USA Nationals

The 2018 IPMS USA Nationals were held August 1-4 in Phoenix, AZ. Below are some pictures taken by our webmaster. Enjoy!

Around the Convention:



Military Vehicles:




Science Fiction and Real Space:

Dioramas and Miscellaneous:

Bill Allen Awards Christopher Jonas a Ride in his Stearman for his 1/48 Model

The 2018 IPMS San Diego Model Expo had a very special category. A prize was offered for the best 1/48 Stearman aircraft by Gillespie Field resident Bill Allan of Allan Airways Flying Museum. The award went to Christopher Jonas of Oceanside.







The prize was a ride in one of Mr. Allan’s Stearmans.  And not just any Stearman, but this last one that was owned by Mr. cool himself, Steve McQueen.  The N-number N3188 was Steve’s number in reform school! This was known to have been Steve’s favorite out of several airplanes that he owned. The prize also included a tour given by Mr. Allan himself for the Allan Airways Museum. The agreement was that the winner got the ride and Mr. Allan got to keep the model for his Museum. This Tuesday, Mr. Jonas was able to collect on his prize.

July 2018 Meeting

Our July, 2018 meeting was held on Friday, July 27 at the Girl Scouts of America San Diego Campus. We had our annual BBQ and a guest speaker, Captain Royce Williams, US Navy, retired. Captain Williams spoke about his Korean War experiences during which he flew an F9F Panther, experienced encounters with MiG-15s, aerial combat and battle damage (including 263 hits to his aircraft on a single mission!). Captain Williams was the recipient of the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross and other commendations.

Note – because of the BBQ and the guest speaker, we did not have our usual show n’ tell. We also did not have the model information sheets at this meeting, so we are not sure who brought what below.


June 2018 Meeting

We had a great meeting on Friday, June 29, at the Girl Scouts of America San Diego campus on Upas Street. Gary Williams presented a check to the San Diego Model Car Club with their portion of the money we received from IPMS USA for Model Expo. We also discussed what worked and did not work at this year’s Model Expo. We did our usual Show n’ Tell. Finally, David Weeks did a presentation on the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo recovery vehicles.


2018 San Diego Model Expo Contest Pictures and Results

IPMS San Diego and the San Diego Model Car Club would like to thank all of the participants in this year’s San Diego Model Expo. Without the people bringing in models for the contest, there would be no Model Expo. We would also like to thank the San Diego Air and Space Museum for their graciously hosting us again this year. Additionally, we would like to thank all of the volunteers and judges who brought together all of the pieces of the contest to make it a success. Finally, we would like to thank all of the vendors as well as attendees.






Award winners and other entries are listed below by category. Best of each category and the special awards are listed towards the bottom of the page.

Display Models

Junior Category Awards

Other Junior Category Entries

Aircraft Category Awards

Other Aircraft Category Entries

Military Vehicle Category Awards

Other Military Vehicle Category Entries

Diorama Category Awards

Other Diorama Category Entries

Ship Category Awards

Other Ship Category Entries

Figure Category Awards

Other Figure Category Entries

Science Fiction, Real-Space and Miscellaneous Category Awards

Other Science Fiction, Real-Space and Miscellaneous Category Entries

Automotive Category Awards

Other Automotive Category Entries