2018 IPMS USA Nationals

The 2018 IPMS USA Nationals were held August 1-4 in Phoenix, AZ. Below are some pictures taken by our webmaster. Enjoy!

Around the Convention:



Military Vehicles:




Science Fiction and Real Space:

Dioramas and Miscellaneous:

Bill Allen Awards Christopher Jonas a Ride in his Stearman for his 1/48 Model

The 2018 IPMS San Diego Model Expo had a very special category. A prize was offered for the best 1/48 Stearman aircraft by Gillespie Field resident Bill Allan of Allan Airways Flying Museum. The award went to Christopher Jonas of Oceanside.








The prize was a ride in one of Mr. Allan’s Stearmans.  And not just any Stearman, but this last one that was owned by Mr. cool himself, Steve McQueen.  The N-number N3188 was Steve’s number in reform school! This was known to have been Steve’s favorite out of several airplanes that he owned. The prize also included a tour given by Mr. Allan himself for the Allan Airways Museum. The agreement was that the winner got the ride and Mr. Allan got to keep the model for his Museum. This Tuesday, Mr. Jonas was able to collect on his prize.

July 2018 Meeting

Our July, 2018 meeting was held on Friday, July 27 at the Girl Scouts of America San Diego Campus. We had our annual BBQ and a guest speaker, Captain Royce Williams, US Navy, retired. Captain Williams spoke about his Korean War experiences during which he flew an F9F Panther, experienced encounters with MiG-15s, aerial combat and battle damage (including 263 hits to his aircraft on a single mission!). Captain Williams was the recipient of the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross and other commendations.

Note – because of the BBQ and the guest speaker, we did not have our usual show n’ tell. We also did not have the model information sheets at this meeting, so we are not sure who brought what below.