2017 San Diego Model Expo Update 1

This year’s San Diego Model Expo will be held on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at Gillespie Field in Santee.

Here are the flyer and model categories. Hope to see you there!

2017 San Diego Model Expo Flyer

2017 San Diego Model Expo Contest Categories

December 2016 Meeting and Photos

We had a great last meeting for 2016. This was also the occasion for our annual Christmas party, celebrated with copious amounts of pizza! Outgoing President Mike O’Leary formally handed over the reins of the club to incoming President Bob Ekstrom.

The F-16 group build continued and members presented their progress to the club. There was also the usual show n’ tell of other ongoing projects and items of interest to the modelling hobby.

November 2016 Meeting and Photos

We had our November meeting on the 18th of the month, in which we voted on club officers for 2017 and our annual auction. We did not have a formal show n’ tell session this month, but some members brought in projects, including participants in our F-16 group build.

Officer Elections for 2017:

President – Bob Ekstrom

Vice-President – Richard Abraham

Treasurer – Gary Williams

Secretary – Joel Hendricks

Lead Judge – Jerry Jackson

Special thanks to club member Tony Mori for taking photos this month.

IPMS-SD Meeting 2016-10 and semi-annual contest

Club business: nominations for officers for 2017

Semi-annual contest results:

  • Aircraft
    1. Rich Durham: Bf-109
    2. Colin Hodges: X-32
    3. Dan Covey: Douglas M-2 mail plane
  • Armor
    1. Gil Baron: Su-122
    2. Dustin Ferris: Su-85
    3. Dustin Ferris: Jagdpanther
  • Ships:
    1. Mike Potter: LCS(L)3 gunboat at Okinawa 1945
    2. Marc Manuzon: 212 submarine
    3. Rich Abraham: Liberty ship
  • Science fiction and real space:
    1. Colin Hodges: Tomahawk
    2. Gil Baron: ATST walker
    3. Dan Covey: Vanguard missile
  • Juniors:
    1. Marc Manuzon: 212 submarine
    2. Dustin Ferris: Su-85
  • Best of show: Mike Potter for LCS(L)3 gunboat at Okinawa 1945 (Attack of the amphibs!)

September 2016 Meeting

We had a great meeting on September 30. Lots of folks brought in models to show and discuss.

Rich Durham proposed a group build – F-16s, any scale. This build should take about 5 months. Anyone interested should begin work on the cockpit and bring in their model with work in progress to the next meeting.

Joshua Phillippi and Jerry Jackson brought in their award-winning models. Joshua won an award for his 1/35 Sd.Kfz 222 at the Brewer Brothers show on September 18 on board the USS Iowa. Jerry won a first in category for his 1/700 IJN Battleship-Carrier hybrid Ise at IPMS Nationals 2016 in Columbia, SC.

Apologies to David Weeks, Gary Harris and Manny Gutsche – pictures of your models were missed. If you would like to send in your own picture of one of these models, please send it to webmaster@ipmssd.org and it will be added to this page.

Our next meeting will be Friday, October 28. We will have our bi-annual contest and also officer nominations for 2017.

August 2016 Meeting

We had a great meeting on August 26 at the GSA Campus in San Diego. We had a number of great models brought in for show-n-tell, and Ethan Idenmill gave a presentation of pictures from the 2016 IPMS USA Nationals held early in the month in Columbia, South Carolina.

2016 IPMS USA Nationals Pictures

This post contains pictures from the 2016 IPMS USA National Convention held in Columbia, South Carolina, August 3-6.

The 2017 National Convention will be held in Omaha, Nebraska.

The 2018 National Convention will be held in Phoenix, Arizona.

The 2019 National Convention will be held in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

For more information about upcoming National Conventions, please see the IPMS USA Website.

Junior Entries:

Aircraft Entries:

Military Vehicle Entries:

Figure Entries:

Ship Entries:

Automotive Entries:

Back to the Future - IPMS Nationals 2016
Fire Truck - IPMS Nationals 2016

Space and Science-Fiction Vehicle Entries:

Jawa Sandcrawler - 2016 IPMS USA Nationals
Star Wars Blockade Runner - 2016 IPMS USA Nationals