October 2015 Meeting

We had a better-than-usual turnout for our October 2015 meeting. We held officer nominations for 2016 and had our last bi-annual contest for 2015.
Please note that the next meeting will be November 20, rather than the last Friday of the month.

At the November meeting, we will have officer elections and the yearly auction, so please bring an item from your stash to auction!

Officer nominations: Only the office of Vice President is being contested:

1. Lead Judge – Jerry Jackson
2. Treasurer – Gary Williams
3. Secretary – Joel Hendricks
4. Vice President – David Nieldson and Bob Eckstrom
5. President – MIke O’Leary


Contest Results:

In second place – Dustin Ferris for his Panzer 2
In first place – Marc Manuzon for his M4 “Fury”

In third place – Bob Eckstrom for his F-105 “Dio”
In second place – Colin Hodges for his Macross egg plane
In first place – Dan Covey for his Junkers D-1

In third place – Gil Barron for his Tiger 1
In second place – Bob Eckstrom for his Opel Blitz
In first place – Rich Durham for his M1A1

In first place – Ethan Idenmill for his Netherlands Artillery Officer

Best of Show:
Gil Barron for his Tiger 1


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