April 2016 Meeting

We had a great meeting on Friday, April 29. We held our bi-annual contest with lots of great entries. See below for the full list and results.

The annual San Diego Model Expo is less than two months away, on June 4 at Gillespie Field. Please consider doing one or more of the following to help make this event a success:

  1. Donate a kit for the raffle. It does not have to be shrink-wrapped, but it should be new and complete.
  2. Sponsor a category – for only $25 your name will go down in San Diego modelling history!
  3. Judge – Volunteer to help judge a contest category. You will be paired with other judges. No experience is necessary. You can still judge if you have entered a model; you just cannot judge a category in which you have an entry. As noted by Bob Ekstrom, our Second Vice-President, if you will be judging, it is helpful to bring a small flashlight. Contact our Lead Judge, Jerry Jackson if interested.
  4. Photograph a category – We are looking for people to help us photograph models at the Expo. If interested, please contact Ethan Idenmill for details.

We had eleven entries for the contest this time. Contest Results:

Category Aircraft – 

First Place: David Nielsen, P-40 Egg Plane

Second Place: Richard Abraham, 1/48 Jaguar

Third Place: Richard Abraham, 1/48 AMX

Category Armor – 

First Place: David Nielsen, 1/35 Jagdpanther

Second Place: Rich Durham, 1/35 Panther

Third Place: Ethan Idenmill, 1/72 Strv 103c

Honorable Mention: Gil Barron, 1/35 Semovente

Category Juniors – 

First Place: Marc Manuzon, 1/35 Tiger Tank

Second Place: Marc Manuzon, 1/35 M1A1

Third Place: Dustin Ferris, 1/35 M1A1

Category Autos – 

First Place: John Ball, 1/24 Ferrari F-1

Best in Show – John Ball, 1/24 Ferrari F-1

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