2023 April Meeting

Our April meeting was held on Saturday, April 29th at the Gillespie Field Annex of the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

This month’s meeting included our semi-annual model contest.

Semi Annual Contest

The contest this month had models grouped into three categories. The results for the contest are below.

Large Aircraft

Third place is a UH-1 Huey by Mom.oko Dylan Hickey accepted the award for the photo because Momoko wasn’t at this month’s meeting.

Second place is a Newport 17 by John Ball.

First place is a P-38 Lightning by Charles Sickels

Small Aircraft

Third place is a PBY Catalina Calypso by Scott Pence

Second place is an X-2 by John Ball

First place is a Spitfile Mark VIII by Paul Gloster

Miscellaneous – Armor and Ships

Third place is a Tiger I with a Porshe Turret by Kenny Piteka

Second place is an A34 Comet by Rich Durham

First place is an Ironclad Dreadnought by Alex Ross

The May 2023 meeting will be a week early because the last weekend of the month is the Memorial Day holiday. The May meeting is May 20th.