Model Expo 2021 – Categories 25-27 – Hypothetical, Miscellaneous and Non-Automotive OOB

Category 25, Hypothetical – Contest Results and All Entries

First Place – Defender Mk VII by Leo Maida
Second Place – Swept-Wing X-1 by David Newman

Category 26, Miscellaneous – Contest Results –

First Place – Longing for Youth by Daniel Perry
Second Place – WC-54 by David Newman
Third Place – Sabre-Tooth Rabbit by Seth Odell

Category 26, Miscellaneous – All Entries

Category 27, Non-Automotive OOB – Contest Results –

First Place – King Tiger II by Bruce Mac Rae
Second Place – BVK Russian Air Defense by Peter Bucher
Third Place – Mercury Redstone by Mark Deliduka

Category 27, Non-Automotive OOB – All Entries

August 2020 Meeting

We had a great informal meeting at the Air and Space Museum Annex at Gillespie Field. Lots of great models and works in progress – pictures are below.

For our next meeting in September – we will have a theme: A subject of which you have build multiple models over your life. How many have you built? Why that subject?

March 2020 Model Project Pictures

Although the club is not meeting in March or April, model building goes on! Here are some builds from our active club members that were in progress or completed during March:

Bob Ekstrom completed this model called “Blue Angels Calypso Pass”.  There are two 1/72 X-47B Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) painted in Blue Angels colors.  The models are from Platz, and the paint was Model Master enamels.  The decals were from Cam Pro.

Manny Gutsche continued his build of the Revell 1994 re-issue of the original 1959 issue X-15 model.  After assembly of the fuselage and filling the seams with gap-filling super glue followed by wet sanding with 400 grit then 600 grit an initial primer coast is applied to the seam areas. The primer exposed a number of areas that will require additional super-glue application, sanding and primer coat. For painting the model is supported with an old paint brush handle wrapped with tape and wedged in the exhaust nozzle. Loose parts are taped onto card stock or suspended with cloths pins or medical forceps (Poor man’s “paint booth” is office folders laid onto the model project table).

Jerry Jackson finished this Corsair and Railcar

Christopher Jonas finished building an Airfix 1/48 Mk. 22 Spitfire before starting a Hasegawa 1/32 P-51D and a Bandai 1/100 Master-Grade Wing Gundam

Ethan Idenmill worked on his Conestoga Wagon kit, attaching the wheels and brakes. He finished the 54mm Streets of Laredo Blacksmith figure to go with it. His model of the Yamato 2202 Space Battleship Ginga (Bandai, box-scale) is nearly finished. Finally, he is making progress again on his Tamiya 1/35 M48A3.

IPMS USA 2019 Nationals

IPMS USA 2019 Nationals were held August 7-10 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The following are pictures from the convention.

Pictures from the Convention Center, Vendor Room and Contest Room:

The Popular and Judges’ Best of Show (both awards went to the same model):

The Best in Each Category:

Display-Only Models:

Aircraft Models:

Military Vehicle and Artillery Models:





Science-Fiction and Real-Space:

Miscellaneous, Hypothetical, Humor in Modeling and Triathlon:

San Diego Model Expo 2019

San Diego Model Expo took place on Saturday, June 1, at the San Diego Air and Space Museum Annex on the north side of Gillespie Field. IPMS San Diego co-hosted it with the San Diego Model Car Club in association with the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

Display Models

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Model Contest – Aircraft

Model Contest – Military Vehicles

Model Contest – Dioramas

Model Contest – Ships

Model Contest – Figures

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