March 2021 Projects

Members worked on a number of projects during March.

Dim Chen completed several models from the “Metal Slug” series:

Ethan Idenmill completed this Demonworld 15mm Landsknecht:

Ethan also finished these F-Toys 1/1250 JMSDF Murasame and Akizuki with tugboat:

Ethan continued to work on his HobbyBoss 1/200 USS Pegasus:

Ethan also worked on this Hasegawa 1/72 F-16I “Barak”:

R0drigo Rendon finished this Tamiya 1/48 F-14A and described his grime technique on Facebook – “To simulate corrosion control brush your base paint in a dark acrylic wash, then wipe off. Once cured, take a fine brush with diluted base coat paint and trace panel edges/rivets. Once that cures, tone it down with another light coat of acrylic wash on the same brush. Grime is simulated by dipping Tamiya Q-tips in acrylic wash (dark grey & white) and dotting random panels.”

Sebastian Malinowski finished this First to Fight 1/72 Panzer 38(t):

Finally, Sebastian also finished this Masterbox 1/24 Perseus figure: