April 2021 Project Pictures

There were lots of great projects completed or in the works during April. The following pictures were posted to our Facebook group:

Christopher Jonas started work on this Tamiya 1/35 Panzer III Ausf. M. He is replacing many of the kit parts with aftermarket and experimented with adding weld-beads with Milliput on a plastic spoon before putting them on his model:

Dan Covey started this DoraWings 1/72 Bellanca J-300. This plane flew non-stop from Liberty N.Y to Copenhagen Denmark:

Dan also finished this Trumpeter 1/700 HMS Dreadnought (1907):

Dim Chen used some 28mm minis as “paint-mules” to practice weathering. A paint mule is a model, often an older kit, that is used for experimenting with different painting and weathering techniques. Don’t throw out your old models!:

Ethan Idenmill started work again on a stalled project – a Fujimi 1/700 IJN Chikuma. He added a torpedo deck using Pit Road torpedo launchers and is replacing all of the gun turrents with their Pit Road counterparts:

Ethan also continued his work on his HobbyBoss 1/200 USS Pegasus (PHM-1). He finished the kit itself and worked extensively on the base.

Sebastian Malinowski finished this Meng Toon Tank KV-2:

Sebastian also finished this First to Fight 1/72 Panzer III Ausf. D:

Sebastian finished this First to Fight 1/72 Sd.Kfz 221 as well:

Finally, Sebastian finished this Trumpeter 1/72 T-80BV:

Happy Modelling!